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Resistance Bands: Myth or Useful Tool?

 Are you looking for an extra edge to your training? Using resistance bands can help you improve your strength, tone your physique, and lose body fat. However, many myths are circulating the internet stating that training with resistance bands might not be worth the effort. Nothing could be further from the truth; let's debunk the five most popular resistance band training myths.

#1: Training with Resistance Bands Does Not Improve Strength (MYTH)

Studies have shown that the resistance provided by band training increases the body’s hypertrophic response in a similar manner to free-weight training. In fact, training with bands may even be more efficient given that it allows improved control of both the concentric and eccentric movement of exercises. Powerlifters are the world’s strongest athletes, and they regularly include bands in their training to increase explosive power.(1)

#2: Resistance Bands Are Only for Injury Rehabilitation (MYTH)

Training bands differ from the bands used in physical therapy. Therapy bands are flat and produce a resistance of between two and five pounds. Training bands are tubular and can be combined to increase the tension available during exercises. The tubes are fitted to a handle, allowing for varying levels of resistance by adding bands to the handle. 

#3: There are No Clinical Studies on Resistance Band Training (MYTH)

Band training has over three hundred published studies on its efficacy. All the studies show that training with bands has tremendous benefit for increasing time under tension during exercise, as well as increasing muscular hypertrophy.(2)

#4: Training with Resistance Bands is not as Effective as Training with Free-weights or Machines (MYTH)

Studies have shown that peak load and muscle activity during band resistance training has a similar response when compared to machine work or free-weight exercises. The amount of force produced and the number of muscle fibers recruited during band training is on par, if not better than training with weights or machines.(3)

#5: Resistance Bands Are Not Effective for Training Serious Athletes (MYTH)

The athletic programs of top NFL teams and college sports use resistance bands in their strength and conditioning programs.

Wrapping Up

Resistance bands have a lot of myth and stigma attached to them. However, training with resistance bands is an effective way to reach your training and fitness goals. Increase your metabolism, build muscle, and tone your physique by introducing resistance bands to your workout.






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