What are Booty Bands for?

Booty Bands are resistance loop bands that can be used for workouts at home or in the gym. Resistance bands help you build muscle and gain strength, which when combined with proper nutrition, can help you shape your body.

Can Booty Bands be used for weight loss?

Yes, Booty Bands can be used for weight loss. To see results, it is best used with a lower-calorie diet (~200-300 calories below your maintenance calories). However, if your goal is to build muscle, results are best achieved through eating at maintenance calories or slightly above it. 

What resistance level should I get?

Our Booty Bands come in a set of 3 bands: Light, Medium and Heavy. They are sold by the set, not individually.

Will your Booty Bands fit me?

The Booty Bands measure 12 inches when laid flat and will stretch and fit small to large frames. 

What is the difference between the Booty Bands and the ULTIMATE Booty Band?

The Booty Bands come in a set of 3 bands while the ULTIMATE Booty Band is just one standalone band that comes in two resistance levels. Booty Bands are more suited for beginners and intermediates, while the ULTIMATE Booty Band is heavier and more suited for intermediate to advanced athletes.

What is the difference between the Booty Bands and the Power Bands?



Power Bands

Booty Bands


10 inches laid flat

12 inches laid flat


·      Light (Blue)

·      Medium (Gray)

·      Heavy (Black)

·      Light (Purple)

·      Medium (Pink)

·      Heavy (Black)


Black carrying pouch

Black carrying pouch






What should I get, the Booty Bands, the ULTIMATE Booty Band/s, or the Power Bands?

If you haven’t tried the Booty Bands yet, try that one first. If you have already been using Booty Bands for a few weeks already and feel ready for another challenge, then you’re good to go with the ULTIMATE Booty Band! The Power Bands are a great in-between in terms of resistance and they're also narrower, so you feel the resistance through a wider range of motion. 

How many pounds of resistance are in each Booty Band?

For the Booty Bands which come in a set of 3: 

  • Purple - Light - 10-20 lbs.

  • Pink - Medium - 20-30 lbs.

  • Black - Heavy - 30-40 lbs.

For the ULTIMATE Booty Bands which come in two levels:

  • Black and Pink – Level 1 – 50-60 lbs.

  • Gray – Level 2 – 60-80 lbs.

For the Power Bands which come in a set of 3:

  • Blue - Light - 20-30 lbs.

  • Gray - Medium - 30-40 lbs.

  • Black - Heavy - 40-50 lbs. 

I’m a guy. Can I still purchase your Booty Bands?

Of course! Feel free to check out our men's line as well. We have Power Bands (also a set of 3 bands) similar to the Booty Bands, but slightly narrower in length. 

How soon after I order will I receive my shipment?

All orders ship within 24-48 hours of receipt of payment. Please allow for 2-3 days delivery time for Metro Manila and 2-4 days delivery time for outside Metro Manila.

What courier do you use? Do you do Grab Express or Lalamove? 

We use a personal courier for Metro Manila and LBC for provincial areas. We do not accept Grab Express or Lalamove bookings. 

Do you accept COD?

For COD, please order through our Instagram (direct message). 



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