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    Power Bands XL


    Product description

    Power Bands XL are long resistance loop bands designed to assist with pull-up and chin-up exercises. Made from durable latex material, these bands provide varying levels of resistance to accommodate users of all strength levels.

    They can also be used for a variety of other exercises, including stretching, mobility work, and resistance training. With their lightweight and portable design, pull-up bands are perfect for pull-ups, speed training, rehabilitation, and more. 

    Material: Latex

    Length: 41 inches

    • Yellow - Very Light - 10-30 lbs.
    • Red - Light - 30-50 lbs.
    • Black - Medium - 30-80 lbs. 
    • Purple - Heavy - 50-100 lbs. 
    Recommended for: banded pull-ups, banded hip thrusts, speed work for squats and deadlifts, agility work, stretching, etc.
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    Power Bands XL