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How to Use Resistance Bands for Toning

Do you need to ‘tone up’ your physique? Use resistance band training to get rid of the love handles, lose the cellulite, and firm up your muscles. You don’t need to spend countless hours training to get rid of unwanted body fat; you need a better strategy.

What is ‘Muscle Tone’?

Muscle tone refers to the look of the muscle and the surrounding tissue. Muscles may be well-developed, firm and powerful, but if they remain hidden behind layers of body fat, then they will appear soft. Conversely, people with low levels of body fat but have untrained, soft musculature will seem to have no shape to their physique.

Resistance training gives anyone the ability to lose body fat and firm up their musculature. Your physique will respond to regular exercise combined with an excellent diet to produce the firm, toned body of your dreams.

3 Tips for a Toned Body

Earning a toned and defined physique is a challenge that’s worth undertaking. Here are three tips for a toned body that will have you looking like a fashion model.

#1 Create Your Plan

The first place to start is to know where you want to end. Use a fitness professional to evaluate your body and give you direction on how much fat mass you will have to lose and what muscle groups you should focus on training to improve your muscle tone. (1)

#2 Adjust Your Training

Add resistance bands to your bodyweight exercises. Additional resistance from the use of bands will increase the intensity of your workout, allowing you to burn more calories in each session. Using resistance bands will improve your strength and give your muscles a hard, defined look when you reach low body fat levels. (2)

#3 Watch What You Eat

Training and diet go hand in hand when creating a lean, toned physique that you can be proud to display to the world. If you struggle with managing your diet, speak to a professional nutritionist for assistance is structuring a diet plan that brings the results you need. (3)

In Closing

Adding resistance bands to your training is an easy way to increase your metabolic rate, burn more calories and tone your muscles. Stay dedicated to your exercise and your diet, and you will eventually reach your goal of a sharp, defined, toned physique that will be the envy of everyone at the beach.






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