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    Sweat Buddy Petite V2.0

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    Product description

    The Sweat Buddy Petite V2.0 is designed to increase sweating around the midsection during workouts. Made from neoprene, it features a zipper closure for easy wear and removal, providing a snug fit for comfort and effectiveness.

    The belt creates a sauna-like effect to promote blood circulation to stubborn fat areas, as well as as enhance water weight loss. Ideal for cardio exercises, weightlifting, or any physical activity, it offers support to the core while helping to improve posture.

    It can be worn discreetly under clothing during daily activities or intense workout sessions.

    Size Guide: 

    • XXS - 20-24 inches
    • XS - 24-26 inches
    • S - 26-28 inches
    • M - 28-30 inches
    • L - 30-32 inches
    • XL - 32-34 inches
    • 2XL - 34-36 inches
    • 3XL - 36-39 inches

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      Sweat Buddy Petite V2.0